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Should a Window Treatment Blend In or Stand Out?

Category: Interior Decorating Blog
Posted/Updated: 04/09/2010 22:11:46
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Just like the fashion industry, the home design industry changes quite frequently. There are always new designs and ideas that inspire us all the time. Fabric designs are quickly introduced and quickly carried over into home designs. Some designs stick around whereas others fade quickly. Naturally, all those changes cause great confusion. Sometimes it can be hard to make a choice between a bright, new look that just came out and a neutral, traditional look that’s been around for years. It can be difficult to make the right decision. When should a design “pop” and be playful? When should it be subdued and serious?

A debate that has persisted throughout the years is whether window treatments should blend in or stand out from wall colors.

Actually, there is no definite answer that applies to all rooms and designs. In fact, whether your window treatment should contrast or blend in with your wall color really depends on your room.

The following are some guidelines that may make your decision easier:

A window treatment should POP if…:

  • you have a beautiful view through your window you’d like to diverge your guests’ eyes to;
  • your window features beautiful architectural features that you’d like to bring into focus (such as an arched design or rich moldings);
  • you are trying to emphasize a theme in the room (for example, fruit accents in a kitchen could feature a window treatment with bold fruit prints);
  • you have a high ceiling - instead of leaving the eye on the ground, bring it up to the ceiling by installing tall window treatments in contrasting colors. This turns a bland 2-D space into 3-D and makes the room bigger;
  • your family spends time in the room during the day and shares conversations and activities in it.

A window treatment should BLEND IN if…:

  • you are trying to achieve a clean, minimalist view. This is commonly achieved to add light and simplicity to rooms with window treatments in whites or soft pastel colors;
  • the room is otherwise too busy or “crowded”. This creates a much-needed balance;
  • you are trying to make something else a focal point. Let’s face it, trying to make everything in a room a focal point looks messy. If you’re trying to bring beautiful artwork or something else into focus, a window treatment should not be distracting;
  • the room is there to relax - a soothing bedroom or bathroom that doesn’t need to be distracting.

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