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Top 8 Designer Mirrors We Love
Some mirrors are contemporary, some are traditional, and a few are so unusual, it is very hard to determine which kind of style they should belong to. Styles and definitions aside, we set out to find what is unique, and these are the top eight mirrors that we absolutely fell in love with...

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Last updated: 06/06/2010 20:47:50
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Periwinkle Blue and Brown DecoratingWe're always on the lookout for unique design ideas to show our readers and today we'd like to share a design gem from a New Jersey home. Designer Lisa Cregan's recent design, as featured in House Beautiful, repeats colors of periwinkle blue and chocolate brown throughout the entire room. What makes this work so interesting is the choice of the specific shade of blue - periwinkle blue. We rarely see periwinkle blue in homes nowadays, let alone the most public room in the house - the living room.

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Last updated: 04/10/2010 16:12:09
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Sunshine Yellow RoomAfter a long winter season, it's time to warm up. While the temperature outside is rising, perhaps it's time to match your interior and go for a warm color palette for your next room design. How about a sunshine yellow room?

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Last updated: 04/10/2010 21:08:16
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Chinese Chippendale AccentsChinese Chippendale is a style of furniture that incorporates carved and latticework designs. Usually, Chinese Chippendale furniture has a lacquer finish. Oftentimes, it is stained in medium to dark colors. Red is a component in many Chinese Chippendale furniture pieces.

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Last updated: 04/05/2010 22:23:59
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Black CurtainsBlack curtains are everywhere. Black is the most sought-after color of curtains and rightfully so. Combined with deep and warm colors of red and gold, black curtains make for elegant and luxurious rooms. On the other hand, black curtains are versatile enough to be paired with neutral colors for a contemporary look as well. Here are some ADVANTAGES of having black curtains: As the saying goes in the fashion world, "Black goes with everything." The same applies to home decorating. Black fabrics can work with virtually any other color. Black is a great contrasting color. And where there is contrast, there is life, depth and most importantly, luxury. Black fabrics make very...

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